Top 5 Best Bitcoin Gambling Websites Listed


My List Of Best Bitcoin Casinos 2017

Below I have embedded a chart of the top bitcoin casinos of the moment. Each of these casinos is a place where I play or have played myself, and all of them are operated by highly reputable companies. These rankings are largely based on personal experience – please contact us by email at “admin at btcgambling dot org” if you have a legit reason and think any of these casinos should be removed from the list.Below is a list of the TOP 3 approved bitcoin casinos;updating soon.


Cryptocurrency Gaming Is The Future


Bitcoin has revolutionized online gambling big time.

It has been estimated that over half of bitcoin transactions are now gambling related. And other than being a “cool new fad”, there are actually multiple benefits to bitcoin gambling;

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • No need for ID verification – gamblers are anonymous
  • Players from countries like USA are free to gamble online again – 100% legally
  • Low transaction costs mean that operators can get away with smaller and smaller house edges and still turn a profit – which means bigger winnings for the players!

But you I know what you’re thinking now…

“Do these bitcoin gambling sites actually pay? How do I know they’re fair?”

This was a problem in the early stages of bitcoin gambling, sometime in 2011. Players just couldn’t trust these casinos that were seemingly set up by some random teenagers across the globe. They were independent websites with unlicensed software – how could they be trusted?

Luckily, the casino operators came up with a solution – a solution that revolutionized online gambling for good.

Provably Fair Gaming!

Let me explain…

When a casino claims to be Provably Fair, it means that the casino games are completely random, and this fact can be proven by looking at the blockchain.

This means that the casino games are completely transparent, and the randomness can be proven.

This technology was quickly adopted by all the biggest bitcoin gamesites in the market, and quickly became commonplace. Effectively, this meant that bitcoin gambling websites were finally a match for “normal”, regulated online casinos.

In fact, as there’s no way to implement this technology without the use of cryptocurrency, it meant that provably fair bitcoin casinos were suddendly even more trustworthy than licensed online casinos!

And when gamblers learned that they could completely trust bitcoin gaming websites that utilized this new technology, there was no real reason for them to go back to normal online casinos.

  • After they’d gotten used to bitcoin gambling, why would they sit and wait for several days in order to receive their withdrawal, when they could just get it instantly in a cryptocurrency casino?
  • Why should they go through the trouble of proving their identity to random customer support reps in Malta, when bitcoin gambling sites don’t even care about your name and just pay you no matter what?
  • Why go through all that trouble, when bitcoin casinos are equal in all other aspects, but offer a much smoother money transferring experience, fairer games and smaller house edges?

The truth is that there’s no reason to go through all of the hassle that comes with “traditional” online casinos, as long as you’re comfortable using bitcoin, bitcoin casinos are the way to go.


Fake Reviews Dominate Search Results

An educated consumer always does their due diligence before they reach into their pockets. Doing your due diligence is especially important when choosing a bitcoin casino. Because while bitcoin gambling has many benefits, one major issue remains – it is hard to really know which bitcoin casinos you can trust.

There are and always will be some shady operators in the gambling industry, whether it’s online or offline. And when it comes to online casinos – bitcoin or regular – even the operators have figured out that people read reviews. Bad reviews cost them a lot of business. Therefore, the shadier operators have started to simply pay off reviewers to twist the truth. I have first hand experience of this, operators have offered me significant sums of money if I changed their review into a positive one. Obviously I haven’t taken their money – if I had, I wouldn’t be telling you any of this. But it is quite obvious that many other people have indeed taken their bribes.

So, as you should now realize, you can’t even trust all reviews. It is unfortunate, but it is the nature of the business.

And it gets even worse – because the people who post fake reviews also get rewarded for it, they’re able to run their “review sites” with much higher budgets than they would if they kept all the reviews honest. The result? They’re able to aggressively advertise their website, which results in more exposure and often higher rankings on Google.

But why would I tell you all this?

Because I am a gambler too. And I hate it when I have to browse through 25 fake review sites until I begin to find some authentic ones. And even then, until you actually test the casino yourself, you can’t be completely sure whether to trust them or not. So I wanted to create a website that would actually tell the truth, instead of faking reviews for the easy buck.

But I’m not totally opposed to receiving money for my work, so if you actually find this website beneficial, please consider donating… A man’s got to eat, and pay hosting bills